There is always a new project to pursue, always a self-improvement that can be made. The list is endless.

I have never much subscribed to the New Year's Resolution. 

There is, however, something comforting in recognizing new beginnings. Though January One is somewhat arbitrary in the context of a life, I appreciate the conspicuous moment to reflect on what has passed and what the future can hold. A reminder of what's important and what can be let go.

What's important.

Much vitriol has been expelled over the worst parts of 2016 (in many cases for good reason), but I choose to take this moment to reflect on the genuine joy I have experienced in this year of tumult. 

In 2016, I committed my life to a perfectly extraordinary Austrian Princess. She upended her very existence to be with me. She has sacrificed exactly everything to create a permanent "us."

I resolve every day to fill her life with delight and ease. To fight for as much joy, comfort, and success as any pair can handle. I take this moment at the beginning of this new year to shout this resolve to the world. 

I love you, Amelie-Anna. I cannot wait for us to make music together. Bring it on, 2017...

Brian Hinman2 Comments