New Music Friday Vol. 13

So much new music! Rock out, chill out, and dance!

Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin

The thing that excited me most about doing this blog project is the fact that I would necessarily discover lots of great new music, some that I probably should have already known. I’ve heard the name Ty Segall for the past several years, but I never stopped to listen.

And I’ll say this...I love being reminded of how much I can like fuzzy, nasty guitars. Segall is steeped in garage rock. I’ve never totally been in love with garage rock, but there is so much John Lennon-style pop influence in what Segall's doing, that it’s hard not to feel an immediate connection to even the grungiest of his hard rockers.

If you like late-'60s rock, especially the Beatles' heavier moments, you will find things to love about this record. Segall is pretty prolific, and I'm very excited to now go back and listen to all the album's I've missed. Sometimes you just want to rock.

Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo

Sticking with some heavy '60s influence, this is a mostly-instrumental trio from Texas. If you happen to be craving some laid-back, lounge-y instrumental guitar trio for your weekend, this'll do it.

Nils Frahm - All Melody

Continuing right along with smooth transitions, how about another instrumental album? 

Nils Frahm makes music that sits somewhere in the realm of ambient electronic music with classical influences. If you like mellow, atmospheric, sometimes intricate ambient music, with a few spicy rhythms, this new album is pretty good for that. 

The Khruangbin album mentioned above is also mellow, but where that one is mellow lounge-y, this Frahm record is more mellow transcendental-ish...y. Also, have some beautiful images of his brand new studio:

Django Django - Marble Skies

In 2012, I definitely fell victim to Django Django's infectiously catchy future-surf-pop jam, "Default." They keep up their synth-heavy grooves on this third album that continues to playfully embrace their signature energetic sound. This is fun synth-pop with plenty of hand-claps.

Sam Tsui - Trust

I know Sam Tsui, and I know how hard he works. One of YouTube's early self-made stars, Sam has been perfecting his video and pop game for several years. Sam broke into the pop world like most YouTubers, covering all kinds of hits with his own heart-filled vocals.

But Sam's also been polishing his songwriting, and unless I'm mistaken, this new album is all original tunes. This would be his second album of originals, and it is finely-crafted, pop goodness. Easily my favorite Sam Tsui tunes yet. 

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