New Music Friday Vol. 5 - Quick Take

This is a light week for new releases. Which works out well for me because it's been a busy week. That doesn't mean there isn't great music to listen to this weekend!

Jessie Ware - Glasshouse

If you like your pop music with a healthy dose of strong, beautiful vocals, welcome. I'll definitely be downloading this for my plane ride tomorrow.

This track even has a strong dose of '90s R&B with a dash of gospel. I'm in.

That's it for albums released this week. Just the one. However, if you still want fantastic new things to listen to here are a couple of albums I didn't get to share from September:

Moses Sumney - Aromanticism

This album is a true journey in indie-soul. It is beautiful in all ways.

Fink - Resurgam

Fink's minimalism and plaintive vocals are always haunting. My wife introduced me to Fink's music a few years ago. Europe is all over this. America needs to get on board.

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